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Refurbished by 4BioCell

Refurbished by 4BioCell

Our exclusive marketplace

We transform used equipment into high-quality solutions at an attractive price. All systems have been fully reconditioned and upgraded to the latest revision of hardware and software based on defined quality standards. You can afford up-to-date technology while supporting profitability. Our refurbished systems offer you the technical performance of a new system.

  • quality and warranty like for a new system
  • consumables and maintenance supply from 4BioCell
  • reliable, like-new refurbished systems
  • current releases to earlier platforms
  • refurbished for the highest level of oversight
  • upgraded with latest technology
  • hard to tell difference between refurbished and brand-new equipment
  • cost-effective solution


Our current offers

Refurbished by 4BioCell - CuBiAn HT270
File Size 513 kB
Downloads 133
Refurbished by 4BioCell - CuBiAn XC
File Size 521 kB
Downloads 155