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4BioCell offers a wide range of products made in Germany

4Bio Analyser

Fast determination of substrates, metabolites and products

4Bio Analyser

Product line

4BioCell offers biochemistry analysers for the easy & fast determination of substrates, metabolites and products in your cell culture and fermentation samples.

We have a portfolio of three analysers different in size and throughput to find the perfect solution for your laboratory. From entry level to high-efficient all models match between simplicity and innovation, all with high standards of quality.

Quick Facts

  • low sample volume
  • low calibration frequency
  • low maintenance
  • high accuracy
  • high reproducibility
  • high efficiency

4Bio CellCounter

Fully automated cellcounter based on image recognition

4Bio CellCount Pro - Fully automated cellcounter based on image recognition

Product line

We proudly present our newest development: the first fully-automated cellcounter based on image recognition.

Our 4Bio CellCount Pro is combining the long-known, reliable and well-established trypan blue dye exclusion method with never seen before technical features and innovations.

Quick Facts

  • on-board dilution up to 1:10
  • vibration and shock resistant
  • low sample volume – 100 µL
  • duplicate measurement
  • re-run option
  • alternative dye possible

Refurbished by 4BioCell

Our exclusive marketplace


Are you interested in our product line but not in need of a new system? We transform used equipment into high-quality solutions at an attractive price. All systems have been fully reconditioned and upgraded to the latest revision of hardware and software based on defined quality standards. You can afford up-to-date technology while supporting profitability. Our refurbished systems offer you the technical performance of a new system.

Quick Facts

  • quality and warranty like for a new system
  • consumables and maintenance supply from 4BioCell
  • reliable, like-new refurbished systems
  • current releases to earlier platforms
  • refurbished for the highest level of oversight
  • upgraded with latest technology
  • hard to tell difference between refurbished and brand-new equipment
  • cost-effective solution


4Bio Reagents

In combination with our optimized 4Bio Reagents you are able to determine a high variety of parameters to monitor your upstream process – in a fast and reliable way. We offer a range of assays with outstanding performance for everyday routine & special parameters.

Suitable for
Analyser models 4Bio Core, 4Bio Compact, 4Bio Combine, CuBiAn XC, CuBiAn HT-270 and furthermore applicable for every commercially available, photometric analyser


4Bio Beads

We offer our own product line of certified particle solutions for the system suitability test in your cell counting system. Our 4Bio Beads verify the concentration accuracy, linearity of calibration curves, can be used for automated adjustment of optical components and to check the viability in your cell counter.

Suitable for
Cellcounter models 4Bio CellCount Pro, Cedex Standard, Cedex HiRes, Cedex XS, CASY, ViCell XR, ViCell Blu and all other cell counting devices based on image recognition


4Bio Trays

The innovative 4Bio Trays complement your 4Bio CellCount Pro perfectly. All necessary liquids and pipette tips are submitted and sealed on an all-in-one solution with customizable options. Every tray is equipped with a RFID code tracking all relevant information for high traceability.

Suitable for
Cellcounter model 4Bio CellCount Pro